Recycling Centers & Scrap Prices in the United States & Canada

United States recycling centers and average prices paid for scrap materials by scrap yards

Ashburn Recycling Centers

Find recycling centers near you that accept and recycle products and materials, using one of North America's most extensive recycling centers databases.
Potomac Metals Inc
Materials accepted : Aluminum Cans Aluminum Clips (MLC) Aluminum Downspouts… +15 more
Potomac Metals
Materials accepted : Aluminum Brass Copper COPPER BEARINGS Lead Stainless… 7 items
Potomac Metals Inc
Materials accepted : Aluminum Cans Aluminum Clips (MLC) Aluminum Downspouts… +15 more
kmGHauling, Inc.
Materials accepted : Aluminum Cans Plastic Bottles CRV 2 items
Seamless Recycling
Materials accepted : E-Waste: Computers (complete) Electronics 2 items
Con-Serv Industries, Inc
Materials accepted : News Paper #1 & # 2 Plastic Cardboard CRV PET Magazines… 7 items
Secure Electronics Recyclers
Materials accepted : E-Waste: Computers (complete) Electronics 2 items
kmG Hauling, Inc
Materials accepted : jam jars News Paper #1 & # 2 Plastic Aluminum Brass… +2 more

Today's Scrap Prices from Local Scrap Yards

Current scrap metal prices from scrap yards in the U.S.A. and Canada. Daily updated prices of aluminum scrap, copper scrap, steel scrap, paper scrap, and plastics scrap.
Aluminum ScrapAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice Unit
#2 Painted Aluminum Scrap0.230.230.23USD/LB
2024 Aluminum Scrap0.370.370.37USD/LB
3003 Aluminum Scrap0.540.540.54USD/LB
5052 Aluminum Scrap0.560.560.56USD/LB
6061 Aluminum Plate Scrap0.420.420.42USD/LB
6061 Aluminum Scrap0.430.440.43USD/LB
Brass ScrapAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice Unit
#1 Brass Scrap1.051.051.05USD/LB
#2 Brass Scrap1.221.221.22USD/LB
70/30 Brass Scrap1.811.811.81USD/LB
90/10 Brass Scrap1.661.661.66USD/LB
Auto Radiators Scrap1.461.471.46USD/LB
Brass Borings0.620.620.62USD/LB
Copper ScrapAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice Unit
#1 Copper Bare Bright Scrap2.852.852.85USD/LB
#1 Copper Breakage Insulated Wire1.251.251.25USD/LB
#1 Copper Cable2.992.992.99USD/LB
#1 Copper Heavy Bare Scrap3.253.253.25USD/LB
#1 Copper Pipe Scrap2.892.932.85USD/LB
#1 Copper Scrap2.752.762.74USD/LB
Electronics ScrapAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice Unit
#1 Low Grade Motherboard Scrap0.880.880.88USD/LB
#1 Mid Grade Board Scrap0.930.930.93USD/LB
#2 Low Grade Motherboard Scrap0.80.80.8USD/LB
#2 Mid Grade Board Scrap0.350.350.35USD/LB
A-Boards P/C Scrap2.152.152.15USD/LB
AC Adapter Scrap0.090.090.09USD/LB

Recycling Articles

Recycling industry updates, how-to articles, recycling companies press releases, recycling events and more.
Republic Services Missoula Recycling Center Temporarily Closed
The statement issued by the company noted that the recycling drop-off center is currently experiencing…
Toyota Collaborated with Cirba to Expand Battery Recycling Program
By way of this agreement, both the companies expect to reduce the overall transportation and…
Jefferson Parish Approved New Recycling Contract with Ramelli Waste
The new contract was approved by a 5-2 vote during the Council meeting.
Bay City Launched Program to Boost Curbside Recycling
Also, Styrofoam packaging and bubble wrap are not accepted by curbside bin, he added.

Recycling Events in the U.S.A. and Canada

Upcoming recycling events in the U.S.A. & Canada. Event dates, contact details, recyling location, and accepting materials list
Brownsburg Yard Waste Recycling Center
November 7, 2023
Materials accepted :  Yard Waste
Food Scraps Recycling
November 12, 2023
Materials accepted :  Food Scraps, Compost
Electronics Collection Event
November 18, 2023
Materials accepted : computers, televisions, recorders,   ...3 more items
Free Dump Day and Recycle Event
November 18, 2023
Materials accepted : Furniture, Garden trimmings, Appliances,   ...1 more item

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