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United States Scrap PricesPrice Units

Copper Scrap
Alternator$15.00/CWT 0.007/08/2024
Bare Bright Copper$3.39/LB 0.107/08/2024
Copper Bearings$0.11/LB 0.007/08/2024
Alternator$0.33/LB -0.027/05/2024
Bronze$1.73/LB 0.057/05/2024
Aluminum Scrap
6061 Aluminum sheet$0.66/LB -0.037/10/2024
Aluminum Cans$0.48/LB 0.016/20/2024
Aluminum Mixed$0.44/LB 0.006/20/2024
Aluminum Radiators$0.38/LB 0.006/20/2024
Aluminum Beverage Cans$0.40/LB -0.065/06/2024
Steel Scrap
#2 Steel$205.00/NT 0.007/08/2024
#1 HMS Prepared$7.75/CWT -1.506/20/2024
#2 Steel$0.09/LB -0.016/20/2024
#1 HMS Prepared$230.00/GT -4.293/20/2024
#2 Steel$120.00/Ton 0.0010/17/2022
Electronics Scrap
Computer/Server (Incomplete)$0.23/LB 0.007/08/2024
Electronic Transformers$0.05/LB 0.007/08/2024
Laptops$0.49/LB 0.016/20/2024
TV/Monitors$0.52/LB 0.056/20/2024
Cellular Phones$1.30/LB 0.005/20/2024
Brass Scrap
70/30 Brass$1.86/LB 0.007/09/2024
Brass Pipe$2.04/LB 0.007/09/2024
Brass Heater Cores$1.30/LB 0.007/08/2024
Brass Radiator /Fe$0.91/LB 0.007/05/2024
#1 Brass$1.45/LB -0.056/20/2024
Stainless Steel Scrap
201 Stainless Steel$0.14/LB -0.017/05/2024
301 Prepared Stainless Steel$0.37/LB 0.007/05/2024
304 Stainless Steel$0.36/LB 0.007/05/2024
18-8 Prepared$0.44/LB -0.026/20/2024
Contaminated Stainless Steel$0.20/LB 0.006/20/2024
Lead Scrap
Irony Lead$0.10/LB 0.007/08/2024
Soft Lead$0.40/LB -0.017/05/2024
Lead Wheel Weights$0.10/LB 0.006/20/2024
Range Lead$0.33/LB -0.016/20/2024
Hard Lead$0.26/LB 0.006/05/2024

Budget Bins LLC

21250 Nordhoff Street, Chatsworth, California

Nu-Way Bin Rentals & Roll Off Service

145 W Duarte Rd., Monrovia, California

Advance Disposal

7551 14th Ave, , Sacramento, , California

GreenWaste of Sacramento

4201 Florin Perkins Rd,, Sacramento, California

Rent a Dumpster for Any Need

Household Debris, Furniture and General Trash
Asphalt, Slate Shingles, Underlayment, Roof Vents
Yard Waste
Shrubs, Bushes, Grass Clippings, Trees, Dirt and Soil
Yard Waste
Heavy Debris
Concrete, Brick, Gravel, Metals, Wood and Asphalt
Heavy Debris
Drywall, Plaster, Wood, Flooring and Cabinetry
Other Wastes
All other kinds of wastes which are not included.
Other Wastes

Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

AC Delco Large$50.00 ( 0.00)7/16/2024
AC Delco Small$45.00 ( 0.00)7/16/2024
Aftermarket$11.00 ( -1.00)7/16/2024
Air Tube$56.00 ( -1.00)7/16/2024
BL/Thick Pipe$161.00 ( -4.00)7/16/2024
Breadloaf$100.00 ( 0.00)7/16/2024
Camry$72.00 ( -1.00)7/16/2024
Converter Dust$3.00 ( 0.00)7/16/2024
Diesel$14.00 ( 0.00)7/16/2024
Domestic$45.00 ( 0.00)7/16/2024

Scrap Metal Guide

#1 Copper Tubing

#1 Copper Tubing Scrap should be clean and unalloyed. It…

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal may consist of thin, flat steel pieces generated…

Cast Iron Scrap

Cast Iron Scrap is an alloy of iron that contains…

#2 Heavy Melting Scrap

#2 Heavy Melting Scrap (#2 HMS) is one of the…

#2 Bundle Scrap

#2 Bundle consists of old black and galvanized steel sheet…

Car Scrap Buyers

El Coqui Towing

(786) 829-6059,+1 305-781-6185

Chicago 24 Towing Inc.

(773) 755-6000

Cortez Towing

+1 303-513-4508

Cash For Cars-918

918 325 8323