Sheet Metal - Material Specifications, How to Sell & Current Price

What Is Sheet Metal?

Sheet Metal may consist of thin, flat steel pieces generated by an industrial process. It can be bent and cut into a variety of shapes using different tools such as Snips, Hacksaw, Nibbler, Jigsaw, Band Saw etc. Steel sheets are often fabricated to form large number of useful new products in fabrication shops.

Steel is one of the common metals that makes up sheet metal, although copper, tin, nickel, aluminum, brass and titanium can also be used. The most popular sheet metals are the ones made with steel and aluminum, mainly on account of their high resistance to corrosion.

Steel sheets are mainly used by automotive, construction and fabrication industries. It is often used in various applications including complex machinery, bodies of airplanes etc.

Sheet Metal Price

Sheet Metal prices may vary depending on its size and grade. The thickness, measured in gauges, also is a factor in determining sheet metal prices.

The prices listed below are country averages paid by recycling centers in the United States

Scrap Material National Average High Price Low Price Unit Updated
Tin $78.77 78.77 78.77 USD/CWT 2024-03-05
Whole Auto Bodies $98.04 98.04 98.04 USD//CWT 2021-08-06
Sheet Iron $158.94 158.94 158.94 USD//CWT 2021-02-15
Unprepared Steel Scrap $0.04 0.04 0.04 USD/LB 2019-11-11
Steel Scrap $43.94 43.94 43.94 USD/LB 2018-10-18

Where can we sell Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal scrap can be sold to scrap yards to make money. It is always advised to cross check with a number of nearby local scrap yards for the spot price of sheet metals.

Sheet Metal - Material Specifications, How to Sell & Current Price accepting recycling centers in the United States

Having large quantities of Sheet Metal with you?

Full-service scrap yards often accepts bulk quantities of sheet metal scrap, to be supplied to various industries such as the automotive industry which makes use of sheet metal to construct automobile body and parts.

Although sheet metal has low weight to thickness ratio, thereby making it easy to transport, it is always preferred to get in touch with scrap yards that arrange on-site pickup of the material.