#2 Heavy Melting Scrap

What Is #2 Heavy Melting Scrap?

#2 Heavy Melting Scrap (#2 HMS) is one of the two major categories of HMS which comprises of recyclable steel and wrought iron. The primary difference of #2 HMS with #1 HMS is that the former contains galvanized and blackened steel.

It consists of wrought iron and/or steel scrap above 1/8 inch in thickness compressed to charging box size. Individual pieces are not to exceed 60 x 24 inches, so as to be consistent with charging box type to insure compact charging in a furnace.

There are different categories of #2 HMS such as #2 HMS 3 feet x 18 inches (can include all automobile scrap, properly prepared), #2 HMS 3 feet x 18 inches (can include automobile scrap but free of sheet iron or thin gauged material, properly prepared) and #2 HMS 5 feet x 18 inches (can include automobile scrap but free of sheet iron or thin gauged material, properly prepared).

#2 Heavy Melting Scrap Price

The #2 HMS is one among the widely traded ferrous scrap materials, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. It is priced less than #1 HMS due to the presence of galvanized or blackened steel.

The prices listed below are country averages paid by recycling centers in the United States
Material Average Price High Price Low Price Price Unit
Clean Auto Cast 288.44 288.44 288.44 USD/NT
Plate & Structural 108.27 108.27 108.27 USD//CWT
Plate & Structural Prepared 109.61 109.61 109.61 USD//CWT
Plate & Structural Unprepared 5.06 5.06 5.06 USD//CWT
Cast Iron Scrap 138.25 138.25 138.25 USD/MT

Where can we sell #2 Heavy Melting Scrap?

Generally, local scrap yards and dealers who trade ferrous scrap materials are found to accept #2 HMS. The yards will generally classify black, long and unprepared steel scrap as #2 HMS. Scrap yards offer different rates for different HMS variations. A proper classification and grouping of HMS scrap could maximize your prices.

#2 Heavy Melting Scrap accepting recycling centers in the United States

Do you have bulk quantity of #2 Heavy Melting Scrap with you?

Having bulk quantities of #2 HMS always offer an opportunity to bargain with different scrap yards for the best price. The bulk quantities of #2 HMS that are collected by yards are reprocessed and supplied to steel foundries, where they are used as raw material in steel making. Electric steel making uses large quantities of steel scrap as input.

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