Brass Radiator /Fe Scrap Price

United States

$ 1.02 USD/LB
0.03 (3.03%)

Historical Price Chart

Current Year Price Overview

High Low Average
1.51 USD/LB 0.25 USD/LB 0.97 USD/LB

Latest Brass Radiator /Fe Scrap Price in the USA

Location Price Change High Low Unit Updated
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 1.40 0.00 1.40 1.40 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Cumberland, Maryland 1.40 0.00 1.40 1.40 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Fredericksburg, Virginia 1.40 0.00 1.40 1.40 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Tullahoma, Tennessee 0.90 0.00 0.90 0.90 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Tulsa, Oklahoma 1.51 0.00 1.51 1.51 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Wharton, New Jersey 0.85 0.00 0.85 0.85 USD/LB 2/20/2024
West Branch, Michigan 1.10 0.00 1.10 1.10 USD/LB 2/20/2024
DeFuniak Springs, Florida 0.65 0.00 0.65 0.65 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Joplin, Missouri 1.05 0.00 1.05 1.05 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Catasauqua, Pennsylvania 1.20 0.00 1.20 1.20 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Jacksonville, Florida 0.82 0.00 0.82 0.82 USD/LB 2/20/2024
Frederick, Maryland 1.40 0.00 1.40 1.40 USD/LB 2/20/2024

About Brass Radiator /Fe Scrap

What Is Scrap Motherboard?

Scrap Motherboards may be found in computers, servers, laptops, networking equipment etc. Motherboards usually have other materials such as memory, chips and wires connected to it.

The motherboard contains several components that are rich in precious metals. The board consists of several gold plated connectors and pins. The older motherboards such as the ones used in telecommunication equipment and server cabinets contain comparatively larger quantities of gold in them, thus making them worth more money. Newer manufacturing technologies use lesser quantity of precious metals. Still, motherboards are considered to be one of the most valuable part, scrapping of which will earn good money for you.

Scrap Motherboard Price

There are different grades of motherboards. Yards pay money based on the grade. It might be quite confusing to sort motherboards based on their grades. Still, it is advised that one may get in touch with scrap yards in his/her locality to know what their specific requirement is, so that the scrap can be sorted and shipped to their yard.


Where can we sell Scrap Motherboards?

Locating the ideal scrap yard to sell your Scrap Motherboards is the most important task. Not all scrap yards will buy your Scrap motherboards. Also, there are many different types of motherboards. Hence, it is important to sort them before taking to the yard premises. Generally, clean and unbroken motherboards will bring in more cash.

One may also need to separate some materials that are connected to motherboards. In general, motherboards do have a battery on them. The battery must be removed prior to taking the Scrap Motherboard to yard. Please ensure that the removed batteries are taken along to the yard for recycling as they contain toxic materials.


Are you having large quantities of Scrap Motherboards?

If you have large quantities of Scrap Motherboard, yards may arrange free pickup of the same from the site to their nearest yard. Some scrap yards do not accept motherboards that are made of fiberglass are they are not really worth as they virtually don’t contain any precious metal on them. Green motherboards are worth more money and must be scrapped separately.