#1 Copper Tubing - Material Specifications, How to Sell & Current Price

#1 Copper Tubing Scrap is the highest grade of scrap copper tubing, it gets the highest price among different copper tubing scrap grades.

#1 Copper Tubing Scrap should be clean and unalloyed. It should be free of any dirt, debris, paint, solder, oil, or other contaminants. It should be uncoated, the copper tube should be its natural shiny self, not tarnished or coated with other metals. Ideally, the tubing should be at least 1/16th of an inch thick for better pricing.

Tips for maximizing your #1 Copper Tubing Scrap value

  • Separate your clean copper tubing from other grades to avoid downgrading the entire batch.
  • Remove any fittings, solder joints, or other contaminants before scrapping.
  • Check with your local scrap yard for their specific requirements and current prices for #1 copper tubing.