Cast Iron Scrap - Material Specifications, How to Sell & Current Price

What Is Cast Iron Scrap?

Cast Iron Scrap is an alloy of iron that contains high amounts of carbon. The carbon content makes it susceptible to corrosion. As a result, Cast Iron scrap is often rusted and worn. Cast iron scrap can be obtained from heating systems, vehicle components etc. It is used for the manufacture of automobile and structural parts. It is mainly found in the form of castings and pipings, even though it is used in several other forms.

Cast Iron Scrap Price

The prices offered by scrap yards for cast Iron scrap are usually very low. The prices are dependent on the quality of the metals and their source. A cast iron in relatively good condition can fetch better prices than cast iron that is old, rusted and worn out.

The prices listed below are country averages paid by recycling centers in the United States

Scrap MaterialNational AverageHigh PriceLow PriceUnitUpdated
Prepared Steel Scrap$114.4114.4114.4USD/LB2024-06-20
Steel BX Scrap$0.350.350.35USD/LB2023-03-06
Sheet Iron$116.61116.61116.61USD//CWT2021-02-15
Shredded Scrap$

Where can we sell Cast Iron Scrap?

Being one of the most commonly used metals in the US, Cast Iron scrap is one of the most traded scrap material by the US scrap yards. It is required to turn Cast Iron scrap into a usable form before delivering it to a scrap yard. Insulations, if any, must be removed. In order to get the best pricing, it is necessary to ensure that your cast iron scrap is not mixed with other scrap materials.

Do you have bulk quantity of Cast Iron Scrap with you?

Large quantities of Cast Iron Scrap can be obtained from scrapping vehicles, kitchenware, household equipment, farming equipment etc. Make sure that the metals are completely separated so as to avoid scrap yards from valuing your scrap under one general mixed category. Also, rusted or worn out cast iron must be kept separated from high quality cast iron.