Recycling Tips

Top tips for recycling your household rubbish, reducing your waste, and reusing whenever possible. There are little things each of us can do to help preserve and protect the environment. Being careful to recycle the right items in the correct way will ensure the recycling process is as efficient as possible.
How to Recycle TVs: Environmentally Responsible Options
July 30th 2021
TVs can be recycled, and while the process may involve some legwork, it’s often reasonably…
E-Waste Recycling is Easier than Ever in Hudson County
July 23rd 2021
The Hudson County Improvement Authority (HCIA) is proud to offer Hudson County residents and small…
Electronics recycling site open
July 21st 2021
Valdosta Public Works now provides an electronics recycling site at the Public Works building on…
Burlington is considering changing the way residents' household waste is collected
July 12th 2021
The City of Burlington is getting closer to implementing a system for the consolidated collection…
Recycling right helps avoid additional trash fees
July 7th 2021
As Easton renewed its trash and recycling contract this month, officials urged residents to be…
How you can contribute to plastic waste recycling
July 5th 2021
The best thing we can do to reduce plastic waste is to look for alternatives.
Recycling Tips In Pittsburgh
March 24th 2021
Teresa Bradley, the recycling supervisor for the City of Pittsburgh, talks about a new recycling…
Louisville to expand recycling program this summer
March 5th 2021
Metro Council approved grant funding to provide large, rolling recycling bins to those in the…
Mulhall's now operating Omaha's fifth full-service recycling drop-off site
March 4th 2021
Mulhall’s is now host to one of Omaha's full-service recycling drop-off sites.
Recycling Center seeks volunteers
March 3rd 2021
The Wareham Recycling Center, located on Plymouth Road off Maple Springs Road, is looking for…
Cleveland to switch to opt-in recycling program
February 24th 2021
The city of Cleveland released a list of recommendations for fixing its defunct recycling program…
Don’t forget, Atlanta won’t pick up recycling this week
February 23rd 2021
Atlanta residents who pulled their blue recycling bins to the curb Monday may have been…
Here Are Some of the Common Items You Actually Can’t Recycle in Arlington
January 27th 2021
Arlington County is trying to make its recycling service more efficient, and that means keeping…
Plug in to electronics recycling
January 18th 2021
Visit DEC's Consumer Electronic Waste Recycling webpage for information on all available recycling/reuse opportunities
Did the Holidays Bring a New TV or iPhone? Here's How to Safely Dispose of Old Electronics
January 15th 2021
We typically see an influx in e-waste at our facilities in early January. This increase…
Gila County could discontinue recycling if dumping doesn’t stop
January 8th 2021
The old saying that “a few bad apples will spoil the whole barrel” applies to…