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Steel Dynamics Announces Planned Acquisition of a Mexican Metals Recycling Company
May 16th 2022
Steel Dynamics, Inc. (NASDAQ/GS: STLD) today announced that as part of its North American raw…
Recycling revolution comes to Clyde
May 16th 2022
Melanie Bramble changing the way people consider the distribution of their recyclable waste products through…
New solid waste specialist aims to reduce recycling contamination
May 13th 2022
With Recycling 101 events held across the county, Jefferson County’s Solid Waste department is educating…
Milford Health Board Reports Big Turnout At Mattress Recycling Event
May 12th 2022
The town collected more than 100 mattresses at the weekend recycling event.
Local Youth Care Club students lead e-waste recycling event
May 11th 2022
On Saturday, April 23, the Youth Care Club hosted an electronic recycling event at Pacific…
Residents continue to fight to keep curbside recycling in Chesapeake
April 27th 2022
Chesapeake residents are trying to save the city's curbside recycling program and trying to save…
Dell hosting free computer recycling event in OKC
April 27th 2022
If you are doing some spring cleaning around the house, you will soon be able…
Amherst neighbors dealing with missed recyclable pickup for weeks
April 26th 2022
Residents on Chestnut Ridge Road, in Amherst, are full of frustration and recyclables...Three weeks of…
Council to vote on textile recycling contract
April 25th 2022
City Council members are scheduled to vote Monday night on a contract that would bring…
Cleveland hires Rumpke to process curbside recycling
April 25th 2022
Curbside recycling in Cleveland will resume with Rumpke Waste and Recycling handling the job, the…
Allbritten: Murray’s curbside recycling program is a success
April 22nd 2022
The City of Murray began its curbside recycling pick up program in March of last…
Harmony Science Academy students participate in recycling challenge
April 22nd 2022
In honor of Earth day, students at Harmony Science Academy in Odessa participated in a…
Texas Recycling Partners with Jubilee Park and Neighboring Communities
April 21st 2022
Texas Recycling, a family-owned local recycling plant in South Dallas, builds strong community relationships with…
Best Buy Launches Home Pick-Up Recycling Service
April 20th 2022
Starting this month, Best Buy, the nation’s largest retail collector of e-waste, is making it…
Proposed Catskill recycling center headed for vote
April 20th 2022
Greene County is set to move forward with a planned new recycling center in Catskill…
Apple Is Recycling More Materials Thanks to a New Robot Called Taz
April 20th 2022
Apple outlined its latest efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste in the company's 2022…