Current Scrap Metal Prices in Trenton, New Jersey

The prices listed below are paid by the scrap yards in Trenton.
Aluminum ScrapCity Average
Updated on 2/20/2024
0.48 USD/LB
Copper ScrapCity Average
Updated on 2/20/2024
3.13 USD/LB
Scrap MaterialAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice UnitUpdated
Aluminum Sheet0.450.450.45USD/LB2/20/2024
Aluminum Siding0.520.520.52USD/LB2/20/2024
#2 Copper2.902.902.90USD/LB2/20/2024
Bare Bright Copper3.303.303.30USD/LB2/20/2024
#1 Copper3.203.203.20USD/LB2/20/2024
Light Copper2.302.302.30USD/LB8/16/2021
Plumbing Copper3.403.503.30USD/LB8/16/2021
#1 Copper Tube2.602.602.60USD/LB7/20/2018

Scrap Yards in Trenton