San Jose Recycling Company Fined After Repeated Fire Incidents

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): iDiskk, LLC- the San Jose-based recycling company has been fined by a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge after three fire incidents from disposed lithium batteries.

The company was fined $25,000, according to news release by the Santa Clara County District Attorney.


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The company has reportedly admitted the violations and has agreed to pay the civil penalty imposed on it. The statement by the District Attorney noted that the owners of the company extended full cooperation to the investigation and have been proactive in taking necessary corrective steps to deal with the environmental violations.

The three fire incidents involving garbage trucks occurred in the months of September and October last year. The investigations that followed the incidents revealed that large numbers of lithium-ion batteries were thrown along with regular recycling, which in turn caught fire when trucks compacted their loads. The three fire incidents took place on September 22nd, October 6th and October 13th, 2021.

Christopher Judge, Deputy District Attorney noted that garbage trucks and their drivers happen to be the first victims of such fires. The incidents are clear reminders of the huge risks involved in throwing lithium-ion batteries into regular trash, he added.