Wayne NJ Temporarily Suspended Curbside Recycling Pickup

By Paul Ploumis

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): Wayne Township in New Jersey announced temporary suspension of its curbside recycling pickup program. This was announced on the municipal website and on social media channels, just ahead of the expiry of its existing contract with Get-A-Can Inc.

This would mean that residents will have to carry their recyclables, for a minimum of two weeks until a new contract is reached, to the township’s recycling center at 201 Dey Road, which will be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on all days.


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Under the terms of the expired three-year deal, the hauler was paid $84,010 per month, thus amounting to more than $3 million over the contract period. The hauler demanded payment of $211,200 per month, significantly higher by 151.4% from existing rate, in its new bid, which the Township Council rejected straightaway.

The Council solicited new bids, in which only Get-A-Can Inc showed interest. Since they were unwilling to reduce not more than $115,200 off the total contract cost, this offer too was rejected. In the third round of bid too, only this hauler showed up, but this time they were not willing to make any more price adjustments.

According to sources, the officials are negotiating with the hauler and other potential vendors on a new contract, which they expect to be in place at the earliest.

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