Rumpke Expanded Acceptable Items for Curbside Recycling

By Paul Ploumis

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): Rumpke has joined the Hefty ReNew program, thereby expanding the list of acceptable items in curbside bins. Rumpke will now take more items than it previously used to accept.

The Hefty ReNew program enables collection and recycling of otherwise hard-to-recycle plastics at curbside, thus ensuring valuable use of these materials. These items include commonly used items such as candy wrappers and foam takeout containers. Previously Rumpke used to accept only certain such items like bottles, jugs, tubs as well as certain categories of drink cups.


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According to the company, it will now be able to accept a wide range of materials including Styrofoam, plastic utensils, plastic containers and films. Rumpke advised its customers to purchase special orange Hefty ReNew bags and put those plastics to these bags. These items will be separately handled at recycling facilities.

The Hefty bags will be made available at local Kroger stores starting this November and later at additional local retailers. Also, Rumpke will provide its customers with a starter kit which includes an orange bag as well as instructions on how the ReNew program works.

The program will be available for customers in Ohio-Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, Warren, Indiana-Dearborn and Kentucky- Boone, Campbell, Kenton.


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