Minneapolis City Analysis Points to Opportunities for Recycling Improvement

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): A recent analysis study conducted by the City of Minnesota has hinted at opportunities for recycling improvements. The results were based on studies conducted on garbage, recycling and composting bins of around 700 randomly selected single-family homes.

The study found that only around 50% of the aluminum cans from Minneapolis households are being recycled. The other 50% are still thrown in the garbage. As per estimates, around 440 tons of aluminum cans, valued at approximately $590,000 in the market, are thrown in the trash every year,

Large volumes of plastic materials were recovered from blue bins, thus leading to contamination of the entire recycling stream and additional handling costs at MRFs. Only 29% of steel cans are recycled. The city recycles only around 54% of cardboard from Amazon deliveries. Also, only around 42% of the #1 plastic is recycled. The value of this category of material thrown in garbage is around $200,000 every year.

As per study, nearly 13% of the garbage comprised of materials that could be recycled. Although the residents are doing a relatively good job, there exists lot of opportunities for improvement, the study said.


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