Thurmont May Shut Down Recycling Drop-Off Site Amid Spiraling Costs

By Paul Ploumis

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): The town of Thurmont in Frederick County, Maryland may shut down the recycling drop-off site near the Thurmont Regional Library, amid debates over rising costs.

As per projections, the cost to collect and haul away recyclables is expected to rise to $38,220 this fiscal. The cost has more than tripled when compared with fiscal 2021. The town runs the drop-off site on its own, the associated costs of which are reimbursed by the county to the extent of $10,000 per year. It must be noted that the recycling dumpster at the centre has often been overloaded with refuse and flooded with non-recyclable materials.


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The costs have reported significant surge over the past two years. The change in pick-up from once in a week to twice to cope with rising material volumes is cited as one of the reasons for the rising cost. The recent hike in fees charged by town’s hauler due to addition of gasoline surcharge too has contributed. The monthly bill has gone higher from $170 to $370, noted Linda Joyce, Chief Financial Officer of the town.

Mayor John Kinnaird and commissioners plan to request additional funds from Frederick County’s budget surplus to keep the drop-off site running. If the County rejects the request, the town plans to close the site.

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