The glass must go: Recycling centers talk changes in acceptable items

RecyclingMonster - Reason to think before you toss: Depending on where you live, that glass container might not go in the recycling bin.

The trash company in Pekin says that’s not what they’re looking for anymore, citing it as an issue for recycling centers run by PDC.

They process 75 tons of trash a day at the Pekin facility, and say they’re currently finding one in four items don’t actually belong in the recycle bin.

One of the reasons they’re phasing out certain items, including glass? They say the recycling market is down right now with fewer customers on the international market.

“We want to recycle. We want to preserve the environment for generations to come. But we also have to have good recycling products and educate the public correctly on what the can and cannot recycle,” explains PDC VP Matt Coulter

Coulter say hangers, glass, plastic bags and clothing should not go in their recycle bins. However, when in doubt, check with your provider.

PDC finds about 34% of homeowners recycle, but some areas can be higher. Morton, for example, has a 95% recycle rate.