South Sioux City facing changes to their recycling program

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KTIV) – Two major changes are coming to South Sioux City, Nebraska, when it comes to recycling.

The first change involves exchanging open-topped green recycle bins for larger, blue covered-bins. City leaders say the move is to keep recycling items dry, and in the bins. Also, starting in 2020, South Sioux City will temporarily NOT recycle plastic items.
The city says there are limited options for where plastics can go.

“Because of the international activities that have taken place, the value of plastics has plummeted. And so there is no place to take plastics anymore. And so at least temporarily the idea is that at the first of the year that we would be telling our customers to no longer put plastics into their recyclables.” said Lance Hedquist, South Sioux City Administrator.

City leaders encourage residents to continue recycling, which includes upgrading to the blue covered-bins.

“Our city has been very Green. We’ve done a lot of great Green activities. But this is one that it’s just a step backwards for the Green community.” said Lance Hedquist, South Sioux City Administrator.

The official website for South Sioux City still has #1 and #2 plastic items listed as “recyclable” items.