Residents want recycling program in Lee County

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - A recycling program could be on it’s way to Lee county.

County commissioners say a recycling program in Lee county, isn’t an unrealistic idea.

“I would like to see a recycling pick up program but a recycling center is a more realistic to start,” says Jillian Hernandez, a Lee county resident.

Right now, Lee county does not have a recycling program.

Lee county residents are allowed to drop off approved recycling goods in Dougherty County.

“Well I think we all should be mindful of recycling and that’s certainly something that we can talk about in the future," said Chairman Bill Mathis with the Lee County Board of Commissioners. "I mean, we can when we renegotiate our garbage contract we can have that discussion and the entire board of commissioners and whoever our vendor at that time might be but, you know, we’re at a time in Lee County where we probably should look at recycling.”

Hernandez says she understands the many difficulties that can come with starting a recycling program.

However, she believes people in Lee County should have the option.

“Either consider a recycling center on each end of the county or recycling bins offering them to residents as a second pick up from garbage because even though you can not require people to recycle if the option was offered I believe it would greatly reduce the amount of waste,” says Hernandez.

She says she wants to see less trash on the streets and rivers and more being recycled.

“How can you know it wouldn’t be successful if you don’t give people an opportunity?"

Lee County leaders currently have an agreement between Crisp County Solid Waste Management Authority for pick up.

That contract is expected in end in 2022.