Newport’s Settlement with River Metals Recycling Approved by Judge

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): The settlement reached between the City of Newport and River Metals Recycling (RMS) has received approval from Campbell District Judge Cameron Blau.

Per settlement, RMR had agreed to remove its shredding operations from the west side of Newport. The settlement will lead to significant reduction in noise, which was one of the major concerns of locals nearby. Meantime, RMR will continue to operate as a collection, processing and transfer site. Also, the citations issued to RMR by the City and charges filed against the company in Court will be withdrawn, subsequent to the company terminating its shredding operations and installing additional safety equipment.


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The RMR facility was accused of creating noise and pollution, impacting residents on the adjacent west-side neighbourhood. The facility was cited for violation of state EPA regulations and of the Federal Clean Air Act. The investigations by City authorities had found that explosions at the facility violated the City’s zoning ordinance.

Tom Fromme, Newport City Manager stated that he is satisfied with the resolution. Also, he appreciated the efforts of Annette Kitchen, chair of the RMS Citizens Group, and City Commissioner Ken Rechtin for their dedicated efforts in amicably resolving the long-pending issue.