New Recycling Carts to be Delivered to Jefferson Residents Next Week

A notice to Jefferson residents that a new item will be delivered to all residential properties next week.

Jefferson City Administrator Scott Peterson says 1,500 65-gallon green carts will be distributed the week of June 17th. He tells Raccoon Valley Radio each cart has a serial number that is attached to the property to be used for recycling. Along with the carts, Peterson points out an informational sheet will be attached describing items that are allowed to be recycled with the single stream system. Peterson reminds everyone that people no longer have to separate recyclables, but everything needs to be in the green cart.

Peterson notes the City Council recently approved purchasing 427 95-gallon carts for $28,457 and that was paid through the recycling account in the city’s overall budget.

“We do know that there’s either some businesses or especially families and larger families who would recycle more than what would fit in that 65 gallon (cart). So we’re giving folks an option then (and) if they would just let the City know that they would prefer to have a larger cart, we would make sure that that large cart is delivered to them.”

Peterson adds that anyone who has a green recycling bin can either return those to City Hall or keep them, but starting July 1st, the green bins will no longer be collected at the curbside. Anyone with questions can contact City Hall at 515-386-2111.

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