If you live in Milwaukee, here's your guide to winter garbage/recycling collection

If you live in the city of Milwaukee, here's a guide to this winter's garbage and recycling collection.

How to find garbage/recycling collection info, schedules for your specific location

People should enter their address at milwaukee.gov/collectionday to find out garbage and recycling collection information and schedules for their specific location.

How winter recycling will work for many residents starting Dec. 5

Most recycling routes operated by the city have set schedules only from April through November to give the Department of Public Works "greater workforce flexibility" during the winter as they staff snow and ice operations, according to Rick Meyers, sanitation services manager.

From Dec. 5 through March 31, residents on these routes should:

  • Leave their recycling cart at their household's accessible storage location for crews to retrieve.
  • Ensure that there's a shoveled, open path for crews to retrieve and service the cart.
  • Return the cart to its storage area once recycling is collected.

During the winter, people with seasonal recycling routes will find a "projected range of collection estimate" at milwaukee.gov/collectionday, according to Meyers. The projection is updated each day as conditions, staffing availability and progress change.

Collection schedules may shift after holidays, the website notes.

And once again, to find your specific route info, click here.

Keep doing what you've been doing with your garbage, but make sure there's a path free from snow and ice to your collection spot

According to the city's "Collection Schedules & Setout Instructions" webpage:

  • On a resident's pickup date, their cart or bin of bagged garbage must be at its collection spot (alley or curb lines) by 7 a.m. And it must be 3 feet away from other objects.
  • A clear path free from ice and snow accumulation must be available to the collection spot.
  • Carts and bins must be returned to their storage area by 10 p.m. Not doing so could result in a violation and fine, the website said.
  • People whose garbage is collected by an Automated Side Loader truck must also make sure lids open to the street or alley and handles are closest to their house. Additional guidelines can be found here.

Winter weather may postpone garbage, recycling pickups

Winter weather could cause recycling and garbage pickups to be postponed for all routes, according to Meyers.

If this happens, people who place carts out year-round on a set schedule should leave their carts at their collection spot until the Department of Public Works catches up and the carts are emptied.

ASL truck pickups canceled due to winter weather will be made up on the next workday, an online Department of Public Works' brochure said. Carts are to be left at their collection point until they're serviced.