Hilary Duff Told Us Her Top Recycling Tips and TBH, It Was the Refresher We Totally Needed

At Hilary Duff’s house, you can say that “reduce, reuse and recycle” is definitely happening on the regular. As a mom of two, son Luca, 7, and daughter Banks, 10 months, the Younger star is doing her part to help the planet any way she can—and it starts with teaching her kids early on how important recycling is. “Luca gets certain rewards for recycling,” the TV Land star tells Parade. “He understands how important it is for the future of our planet and our environment.”

Teaming up with Unilever and Walmart, Duff, 31, is helping launch their new initiative, Bring It To the Bin, an in-store and online consumer education program about recycling, reminding people to recycle some of their favorite kitchen and bathroom brands. “I love what Walmart is doing,” the former Lizzie McGuire actress explains. “I think they understand that moms are busy and recycling is just another added thing, but this educates people and helps them to do it.”

Duff says there’s other things you can be doing to protect the environment. Here, she tells us her top recycling tips:

Read the labels

“Only nine percent of plastic packaging is recycled. Companies under the Unilever umbrella use PCR [post-consumer recycled plastic] to make their bottles, which uses completely recycled plastic from previous packaging to make new packaging, and I think more brands need to do that. More people need to turn the label around and ensure that they’re buying products that are caring about our environment and making the necessary changes they need to do.”

Recycle any plastic you have

“Plastic products are all throughout your house, including bath products. When you’re done with those, make sure to bring them downstairs and put it in the right bin. That was a big change for us in our household.”

Skip the water bottles!

“Fill up your own reusable bottles as often as you can.”

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