Glass Recycling drop-off event

By Paul Ploumis

SEELEY LAKE - Recycling Works is holding the first of three glass recycling events in Seeley Lake Saturday, Aug. 28 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Seeley Lake Community Foundation (3150 MT-83 N). Seeley Lake residents can drop off clean, food-grade glass for recycling. There is no cost outside a recommended donation of $1 per gallon, which will be donated to Seeley Lake Public Schools.

According to their website, Recycling Works is a non-profit organization bringing sustainable waste management practices to Missoula. We began as a subsidy of the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative (MIC), a coalition of congregations, small businesses and other local organizations working together to generate positive change in our community. Recycling Works was founded after MIC identified a need for more and better recycling practices in Missoula. Since our inception in October 2018, Recycling Works has been the only glass recycler in all of Western Montana.

Glass of all colors will be accepted at the event. It should be clean with lids removed. Labels do not have to be removed.

After collection, Recycling Works takes the glass to their transfer facility in Missoula where it is cleaned, crushed and packed. It is then shipped by truck to the nearest processing plant, where it’s made into new bottles and fiberglass.

Donations will support either Seeley Lake Elementary or Seeley-Swan High School.

“Both Recycling Works and the [Seeley Lake Community] Foundation provide funding for local schools,” wrote Recycling Works project Manager Jonas Munson. “We wanted to generate a long-term positive impact in the Seeley Lake community beyond the individual events.”

Subsequent events will be held in partnership with the Foundation on Oct. 2 and April 23, 2022.