Emmet County Recycling Drop-Off Guidelines

By Paul Ploumis

Recycling in northern Michigan is a case by case basis when it comes to individual communities, specifically counties. That’s why it’s always smart to know the procedures in place when it comes to recycling and disposing of your unwanted items.

Andi Shepherd with Emmet County Recycling in Harbor Springs says this summer has included what she describes as illegal dumping on the recycling facility grounds.  Shepherd stresses that each material from glass to plastic and cardboard all has a designated spot for people to drop their recyclables.

However, Emmet County Recycling staff have instead found piles of unorganized trash being dumped in the incorrect areas and spaces.

The recycling facility is asking people to properly flatten cardboard boxes and make sure food scraps are placed in the compost area.  Mixing items is not how the process works and creates disarray for the recycling process itself.

For more information on how Emmet County Recycling works and the items that can be repurposed and dropped off, check out the video interview posted above.