City of Savannah Glass Recycling Program Temporarily Suspended

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): The City of Savannah Sanitation Department announced temporary suspension of its glass recycling drop-off program after reporting successful operations during the past fifteen months. The suspension has resulted in a big blow to the city’s recycling efforts.


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The decision follows the unexpected halt of operations by the glass recycling vendor-Glasswrx LLC. The contractor was responsible for collecting and reusing the discarded glass from roll-off containers placed across the city. For this, the company had hired a subcontractor, The Upcycling Company, to transport the bins and collected glass.

Although pickups had started on a slow pace, the program had gradually become popular among residents. The city had agreed to pay the company $104,000 per year for offering the service.

The city has not lost any money on account of abrupt suspension of services by the contractor, as it pays only for what is already processed by them.

The Department announced that it is committed to find a long-term solution for glass recycling for its residents. The city is exploring alternative options to bring back the program as soon as possible. The residents will be updated as soon as it is ready to re-launch the glass recycling program.