City of Jackson suspending recycling program

Effective September 1st, the City of Jackson will suspend the curbside recycling program until further notice.

You should receive at least one more collection before or by August 31, 2019.

The City of Jackson is one of more than 300 cities across United States that have recently suspended their curbside recycling program as the market demand for recycled materials has diminished drastically in recent months.

The Department of Public Works is working to find recycling collection alternatives for residents.

The City of Jackson's website at will be updated and information released as additional alternatives become available.

If you want to continue curbside recycling, you may contact any certified recycling hauler directly, including Environmentality Recycling Solutions and Allen Recycling.

You will be responsible for any cost associated with this collection, and all payments would be paid directly to the hauler.

Environmentality Recycling Solutions: 601-566-5739 or 601-720-8728

Allen Recycling: 668-746-1120

If you want to continue recycling but prefer to drop it off in lieu of curbside collection, you may contact any certified recycling hauler with drop-off locations, including Tri-Miss Recycling.

Tri-Miss Recycling: 601-352-5027

For additional information about the curbside recycling cancellation, please contact the City of Jackson Solid Waste Division at 601-960-1193.

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