Christmas Recycling

RENO, NV (KOLO) As Christmas gets closer, there may be a common sight at home.

Wrapped gift, wrapping paper, bows, tissue paper may all be relegated to one room, or a segment of the living room floor.

Getting or giving wrapped gifts means there will be excess paper and packing materials in which to contend.

“There are things coming through your home. You would not normally see. And you might try to "wishcycle" into recycling,” says Kendra Kostelecky with Waste Management in Reno.

Kostelecky says there are plenty of items over the holidays that can be recycled.

The best advice she says, if it is not listed on the top of the recycle bin, it shouldn't go inside the receptacle.

That's because the item can't go through Waste Management's single stream system

Kostelecky says wrapping paper can't be turned into pulp because it has a plastic type coating on it.

It's typically the good paper, that doesn't tear easy. She says you can feel the coating.

Foil containing wrap as well cannot be recycled.

Bows, ribbon, tinsel don't belong in the blue topped bin.

A common string of tinsel is especially problematic as it can wrap itself around machinery at Waste Management.

Those items that can be recycled?

Cardboard boxes.

Plastic with the lids still attached, aluminum cans, and glass.

But contents must be emptied out.

An aluminum roasting or baking pan is fine just remove most of the food particles from it.

While some packing material may indicate it can be recycled, Kostelecky says it's not by Waste Management.

Contact the information on the packet, to see where you can take the material to be processed.