Casa Grande suspends its recycling program amidst high cost

RecyclingMonster - Many cities are doing away with their recycling programs, and starting this week, Casa Grande is suspending its program.

The problems stem from China, which used to purchase a lot of U.S. recycled materials. Last year, the country stopped accepting most recycled materials in an effort to curb its pollution problem, meaning it's getting more expensive for some cities to continue recycling.

"I was actually kind of disappointed," said Casa Grande resident Kenneth Carlson. He said the news came as a bit of a shock.

Casa Grande city officials said they used to get paid about $18 a ton for recyclable materials. However, after the changes, they were going to have to pay $67 a ton to process those same items. It was a cost the city did not want to take on.

People living in Casa Grande sad because the convenience of curbside recycling is gone, a lot of recyclable materials would end up in the regular garbage can.

City officials said if something changes, they would reinstate the program. For the time being, however, those who want to recycle will have to take it upon themselves to find somewhere else to do so.