University Place Drop-Off Recycling Site Closing At End of January

By Paul Ploumis

The University Place drop-off recycling site, which is operated by Orange County Solid Waste, is closing on January 31.

This move, announced by the Orange County government, happens alongside multiple changes and renovations around the University Place property, part of a wide-ranging redevelopment project.

“The property owner is redeveloping the area and has decided not to continue with the month-to-month agreement,” said Orange County Solid Waste Management Director Robert Williams in a statement.

After January 31, all dumpsters will be removed from the University Place site. Anyone caught dumping recycling after this deadline may be subject to fines.

After the closure of the University Place drop-off site, residents can still use the other staffed recycling sites around Orange County. To view those sites, click here.

The University Place redevelopment project is being executed in phases, with the initial phase of renovating existing commercial space having begun in April 2020. The end goal of the project is to add new office and hotel spaces to the property, while also expanding the mall to be more pedestrian-friendly.