Scrap metal recycling event aims to help the environment

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) The community got a chance to properly recycle unwanted items.

Hanson Scrap Metal Service was at City Hall on Saturday collecting scrap metal.

They collect things like washers and dryers, computers, and other electronic waste.

The event is sponsored by the City of La Crosse Refuse & Recycling Department.

The owner of the company says they will collect well over 5,000 pounds today, which makes a big difference for the environment.

“It keeps everything out of the landfill and it gets properly disposed of. There’s a lot of people who really don’t know where to take some of their stuff, especially their computers, laptops, etc,” said Brian Hanson.

Hanson Scrap Metal Service plans to do this two or three more times this year.