Recycling program shifts to one day per month

The Lawrence-Mercer Recycling/Solid Waste Department has hosted a special on-going drop-off station for select hard-to-recycle items in the lower level of the Lawrence County Courthouse for several years. Effective this month, the program will transition to a one-day-per-month program with different collection points in Mercer and Lawrence counties. This will make the program accessible to as many people as possible.

This program is for residents only and no commercial or institution materials will be accepted. There is no fee for the program.

Accepted materials will only include the following:

• Electronic media such as VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, 8-tracks, cassettes, video games, film, zip drives, etc.

• Compact fluorescent lights

• Fluorescent tubes (less than 4’ only)

• Shoes (wearable pairs only)

• Christmas and holiday lights

• Cellphones

• Thermostats (periodically)

The materials listed above are subject to change depending on costs and markets. We will not, under any circumstances, accept any other materials such as electronics or household hazardous wastes.

These collections will be held the second Tuesday of each month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The dates and locations scheduled for 2019 are:

• Feb. 12: Lawrence County Recycling/Solid Waste Department, Gettings Annex of the Lawrence County Courthouse. Use the Milton Street entrance (facing the courthouse).

• March 12: Hermitage Municipal Building, Mercer County

• April 9: New Wilmington Municipal Building, Lawrence County

• May 13: Location TBD

• June 11: Location TBD


• July 9: Location TBD

• August 13: Location TBD

• September 10: Location TBD

• October 8: Location TBD

• November 12: Location TBD

• December 10: Location TBD

Call the Department at 724-658-6925 or email with any questions and/or updates on future locations.

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