Bay City Launched Program to Boost Curbside Recycling

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): Bay City officials announced launch of a new program aimed at improving the recycling habits of its residents.

The first-of-its kind education program will provide necessary education to residents on curbside recycling practices. It must be noted that the program, which was previously introduced last year in East Lansing, had yielded huge success, by way of reducing recycling contamination by as much as 25%. The officials expect a similar success for the program in Bay City as well.


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According to James Blake, environmental services manager for Bay City, the program intends to help residents by educating them on becoming better recyclers. It plans to provide constructive feedback to residents who frequently contaminate the carts. The main contaminants include plastic bags, pizza boxes with grease content as well as certain plastic containers. Also, Styrofoam packaging and bubble wrap are not accepted by curbside bin, he added.

Bay City plans to install cameras, GPS, and computers on garbage and recycling trucks to check contents of curbside bins, by utilising the $50,000 grant obtained from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). Each household will be given feedback as and when necessary.