Plate & Structural Price

The Plate & Structural prices listed below are the average prices paid by scrap yards in the U.S.A. and Canada. Prices are gathered directly from scrap yards and are updated every week. The average price paid by all scrap yards is indicated in the "Price" column of the city-wise price list. The "High Price" indicates the highest price paid for the material. The "Low Price" indicates the lowest price paid for the material.

United States

$ 8.00 USD/CWT
0.00 (0.00%)

Historical Price Chart

Current Year Price Overview

High LowAverage
8.00 USD/CWT7.00 USD/CWT7.50 USD/CWT

Prices in the U.S.A. Cities

Location PriceChangeHighLowUnitUpdated
Shattuc, Illinois190.00 0.00190.00190.00USD/Ton7/11/2024
Allegan, Michigan200.00 0.00200.00200.00USD/GT7/09/2024
Catasauqua, Pennsylvania8.00
Binghamton, New York0.10
Salt Lake City, Utah60.00 0.0060.0060.00USD/NT6/20/2024
Oak Hill, Ohio215.00 0.00215.00215.00USD/NT6/20/2024
Hanover, Pennsylvania7.00
East Saint Louis, Illinois220.00 0.00220.00220.00USD/NT6/05/2024
Detroit, Michigan240.00 0.00240.00240.00USD/Ton6/03/2024
Mount Pleasant, Iowa250.00 0.00250.00250.00USD/Ton2/20/2024
Indiana, Pennsylvania12.50 0.0012.5012.50USD/CWT11/10/2023
Lexington, South Carolina6.85 0.006.856.85USD//CWT9/20/2021


$ 340.00 USD/NT
0.00 (0.00%)

Historical Price Chart

Current Year Price Overview

High LowAverage
340.00 USD/CWT340.00 USD/CWT340.00 USD/CWT

Prices in Canada Cities

Location PriceChangeHighLowUnitUpdated
Stratford, Ontario340.00 0.00340.00340.00USD/NT7/16/2024
Owen Sound, Ontario340.00 0.00340.00340.00USD/NT7/16/2024
Guelph, Ontario340.00 0.00340.00340.00USD/NT6/20/2024