What to do about old computers: Vann Data to host tech recycling event in Daytona Beach

By Paul Ploumis

DAYTONA BEACH — The public is invited to dispose of old computers and electronics devices at Vann Data Service's 13th annual Technology Recycling Event on Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Over the past 12 years, the Daytona Beach technology services firm has collected more than 145 tons of discarded computer equipment and unwanted electronics products including old cell phones, stereo systems and even eight-track tapes. The items are recycled free of charge in an environmentally friendly way by A-1 Assets, a Longwood-based certified e-recycling company.

Old television sets are the only electronic items that will not be accepted. 

"We often get old Apple equipment from the '90s," said Janice Huffstickler, the president of Vann Data. "We've had typewriters, sound systems, phone systems, literally tons of copiers and printers and those large CRT monitors."

Huffstickler and her husband Todd will also set up a tent in the parking lot and grill hot dogs to serve along with her dad's favorite chili. "Seniors come eat and just hang out to watch the spectacle of all the equipment," she said. "One of my favorite things is that former employees come back to bring old equipment and visit."