Waste Pro and Adams Sanitation Compete to Become Pensacola’s New Curbside Recycling Service Provider

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): The City of Pensacola is reportedly evaluating bids from Waste Pro and Adams Sanitation in the process of selection of a new curbside recycling service provider for the city.

The city had terminated the curbside recycling service contract with Emerald Coast Utilities Authority last year on account of escalated charges. The Authority was forced to hike the charges in response to high contamination rates and falling commodities market. However, a recent survey revealed the willingness of majority of residents to pay for a curbside recycling service. Subsequently, the city issued request for proposal for a recycling service provider, which received two responses-one from Waste Pro and the other from Adam Sanitation.

A five-member selection committee, after conducting thorough discussions on the proposals, ranked Waste Pro in the top spot, followed by Adam Sanitation, based on combined scores by individual committee members.

The two companies will make oral presentations before the committee on 22nd May, 2024, during which the full details regarding the proposals will be made public. Based on this, the committee will make its recommendation to the Mayor on which among the two firms should be selected.