UNCW Recycling Honoured with 2024 CRA Award

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) Recycling announced that it has received 2024 Carolina Recycling Association (CRA) Award for expanding its foam recycling program.

The award is given away in recognition of outstanding and innovative technology, aimed at reducing waste in the Carolinas. It acknowledges individuals and organisations for leaderships in making significant recycling contributions.


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Commenting on receipt of the prestigious award, Amelia Woodruff, recycling coordinator said that it is excited to receive the 2024 CRA Award. It now recycled expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam materials, which has been a major contaminant earlier. Furthermore, she highlighted the need to avoid single-use plastics and expand extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs.

Following high contamination rates in collected foam, UNCW Recycling had expanded its foam recycling to include EPE in early 2023. During the same year, it announced significant expansion of its recycling capabilities by purchasing four additional containers to collect polystyrene foam, by using a grant from the Foodservice Packaging Institute’s Foam Recycling Coalition (FRC).

The foam items could be dropped off at UNCW’s Public Recycling Depot located at 5195 Lionfish Dr., which will be open every day 7 AM to 6PM.