Toyota Collaborated with Cirba to Expand Battery Recycling Program

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): Toyota Motor North America announced that it has reached an agreement with Cirba Solutions to expand its battery recycling program. The collaboration aims to expand Toyota’s battery recycling network and optimize its logistics network for collection of various types of end-of-life EV batteries.

The new partnership will focus on collection, transportation and processing of end-of-life lithium-ion EV batteries, mainly from the Midwest and East Coast regions. The processing of the batteries will be carried out at Cirba Solutions’ Lancaster, Ohio battery recycling facility. The critical minerals extracted from scrap and end-of-life batteries will in turn be sent back to the supply chain.

By way of this agreement, both the companies expect to reduce the overall transportation and logistics costs by at least 70%. The average miles driven for collection and recycling will now be significantly reduced from 1,251 to 582. Consequently, this will result in significant reduction in transportation-related emissions too.

The collaboration with Cirba Solutions will help the company move closer to its ultimate goal of creating a sustainable, closed-loop ecosystem for its automotive batteries, said Christopher Yang, Group Vice President- Business Development, Toyota Motor North America.