The Recycling Partnership Announced Grants to Boost PET Recycling

By Paul Ploumis

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): The Recycling Partnership announced grants to strengthen PET recycling.

The grants were awarded to two PET reclaimers and one Materials Recovery Facility by the PET Recycling Coalition. The allotted grants will help to capture over 2.5 million pounds per year of new PET. Furthermore, it will result in creation of 50 million pounds per year of additional reclamation capacity and bring access to thermoform recycling to the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Adam Gendell, Director of System Optimization at The Recycling Partnership noted that the projects will contribute significantly to the future of PET recycling. The assistance provided to MRFs and PET reclaimers will help to boost the amount of PET recycled and create adequate infrastructure required to handle anticipated increased PET recycling volumes, he added.

The grant to Direct Pack Recycling will assist it in the construction of a new PET reclamation operation in Mexicali, Mexico. DAK Americas will use the grant to install a new robotic sorter at its Richmond PET reclamation facility. The grant funding will be utilized towards upgrading the automated sorting technology at its Pittsburgh, PA MRF, Recycle Source said.

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