Some Oregon residents trying to bring back curbside recycling

OREGON, Ohio — People in Oregon are stepping up to try to fill the recycling void after the city eliminated curbside pickup last year. 

Some residents are in talks with a private company specializing in small towns and rural communities.

Last year, the city of Oregon ended curbside pickup due to rising costs. Residents can still recycle at one of three drop-off sites within city limits or any of the more than dozen drop-off sites around Lucas County. But some residents said they were disappointed with the loss of curbside and are taking matters into their own hands.

Recyclops, a small business specializing in just recycling, reached out to former city councilwoman Sandy Bihn. It offered to service the city of Oregon if it can get enough residents to sign up.

"These guys as I said are master recyclers," Bihn said, "and seem to understand the business very well. And it would be nice for Oregon and the Toledo area as other communities face this, if this was a program that they adopted, that we become a leader again."

The service would cost $10 a month. Pickups would be every other week and include cardboard, paper, plastic and metal materials. Customers must bag their recyclables but do not have to sort them. You place it out by the curb and the company hires local workers to pick up the materials.

All of the materials are then transported to a MRF, or materials recycling facility, where they are properly sorted and recycled. Some residents believe the government should be doing more to encourage companies to use recyclable materials.

"I wish more companies in the United States would try to find a use for old plastics and cardboard and papers," Oregon resident Steve Wilson said.

Bihn added they only need a few more interested residents to sign up to get Recyclops to commit to servicing the area. If you are interested, click here.