Republic Services Missoula Recycling Center Temporarily Closed

SEATTLE (Recycling Monster): The Republic Services public recycling center located at 3207 W. Broadway has closed temporarily. The center stopped accepting drop-off from public without providing a clear explanation. The residents who came to the center to drop off their recyclables Thursday found the building’s parking lot being blocked with concrete barriers and cones.

The statement issued by the company noted that the recycling drop-off center is currently experiencing a temporary operational closure. The company apologized for the inconvenience caused to residents on account of the move. Furthermore, the closure is indefinite and that the community will be informed as soon as it is ready to reopen, it said. However, the statement did not make any mention about the reason for the closure.

Republic Services noted that Missoula residents will soon be able to throw their plastic recyclables into a bin at their home or business and that plastics will be shipped to the newly opened plastic recycling facility at Las Vegas, where they will be turned into sustainable packaging materials.

It must be noted that Missoula has a recycling center at 2600 Latimer Lane, which is operated by Pacific Steel and Recycling. Residents could use this facility as a second option to drop-off their recyclables.