Milford Health Board Reports Big Turnout At Mattress Recycling Event

By Paul Ploumis

MILFORD, MA — The Milford Board of Health is reporting that a weekend mattress recycling event was a major hit. The Saturday event collected unwanted mattresses at a quarter of the cost to dump them at the transfer station.

On May 7, the Board of Health sponsored a Mattress Recycling Day, partnering with the Milford Highway Department. Milford residents recycled 103 mattresses! The Board of Health worked with Green Mattress, a Milford-based company, to get the mattresses properly disposed of, and the event was supported by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Instead of paying $20 to dispose of mattresses through the transfer station, at this event, residents could pay only $5 to recycle their mattresses.

This was made possible by a grant that the Board of Health obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. This first-ever mattress recycling day was a big success, and the Board of Health hopes to be able to offer similar events in the future.