Frankforts city recycling collection to remain monthly

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) - The Frankfort Street Department said it will be about a month before recycling operations are back to normal.

As we reported back in July, the Werner and Son Recycling Plant caught fire.

Due to that fire a portion of the building collapsed. Recycling was collected around the city weekly.

Now, with help from the Street Department, pick-ups are monthly and split up in quadrants.

This means half of the city will receive pick up one week and the other half will receive pick up the next week.

Street Superintendent, Jason Forsythe, said this is best and most efficient method for now.

"People are getting the hang of it," said Forsythe. "We are educating kids they are going home and talking to their parents and things like that. So we just want people to continue to bear with us and understand the whole concept of losing an entire building and all the equipment Troy lost. It was not a good thing at all."

For more information on recycling pick-up schedules click here.