City of Quincy to enforce changes to recycling program

Before you set your recycling out this week in Quincy, there is a change you will want to know about.

Beginning Monday May 20, the city will start enforcing the changes to the recycling program.

Each recycle bin must have the program decal on it or city crews will collect the bin, even if you forgot to enroll in the program.

The decal is good for one year, expiring May 2020, and then you will have to opt in again.

You can pick up a decal at the Quincy Utilities Department inside city hall.

The recycling program cost $5 dollars per month and charges are applied to the customer’s utility bill.

Residents may purchase a second decal for $7.00.

“May 1st is when the initial changes took effect, we’ve given people a couple weeks leave time there, just to make sure their decals and everything on their bins,” Quincy Central Services Assistant Director John Schafer said.

If the recycling bin is damaged or needs to be replaced contact central services before applying the sticker.

For those wanting to turn the bin in, just simply place it outside and crews will collect it during their normal rounds.

Also, if you signed up for the garbage collection program and have not received the garbage tote, the city said you may continue to set your trash out on the curb without stickers and the city will pick it.

City leaders said the totes are still on track to come in at the end of this month and they have a list of who they will be delivered to.

For more information on garbage and recycling in Quincy click here or call (217) 228-4520.