Allison Park E-Waste Recycling in North Park

North Park Swimming Pool
S Ridge Dr, Allison Park, PA, United States
Event Date: October 4, 2022

Material Accepted

Event Location

Venue North Park Swimming Pool
S Ridge Dr, Allison Park, PA, United States
City Pittsburgh
State Pennsylvania
Country United States

Event Details

PRC's E-Waste Recycling in North Park is an opportunity for area residents to responsibly dispose of their electronic waste during weekday and daytime hours. This event is registration based and tickets are available per person.

This registration is for Tuesday, October 4 in North Park.

While registration is free, there are some fees associated with recycling certain materials, which will be collected on site. Please see the list below for fees that will be charged.

Acceptable Materials & Associated Fees

Materials Collected for a FEE:

  • All Computer Monitors (flat screen & CRT) – $20 each
  • Televisions – $30 each
  • Console or Rear Projection TVs – $40 each
  • Printers – $5 each

Materials Collected at NO Cost:

CPU (towers), laptops, mice, & keyboards * Home phones & cellphones * Tablets & UPS, Servers, routers, & modems * DVD Players, VCRs, & stereos * Copiers & scanners, electronic cables * Video game consoles *

We are NOT accepting batteries, CFLs and media (VHS, DVDs, Cassette tapes), appliances, or tires at these pilot collections.

For battery and CFL recycling visit Batteries Plus Bulbs for locations close to you. For appliances or tires, please register for an upcoming Hard-to-Recycle collection.


  • Please arrive on site at your allotted time.
  • Place materials to be recycled in trunk or truck bed
  • Payment is accepted via cash, debit, or credit card