Shredded Brass (Fe < 3%) Scrap Price

About Shredded Brass (Fe < 3%) Scrap

What Is 309 SS?

Stainless Steel Scrap Grade 309 is austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel that is most commonly used for high temperature applications. They are highly corrosion resistant and possess excellent resistance to heat and oxidation. They are characterized by their strength at room and elevated temperatures. Grade 309 SS is highly weldable and cold formable.

When matched with Grade 304, they are found more resistant to marine atmospheres. Also, Grade 309 SS has high corrosion resistance and strength as compared with 304 Stainless Steel.

They are used in the manufacture of a wide variety of accessories and equipment including boilers, furnace components, oven linings and other high temperature containers. They are normally of high demand in casting units and induction furnaces.

309 SS Price

This category of stainless steel scrap has good value attached to it. 309 SS Stainless Steel scrap fetches higher price than 301 SS. Most scrap yards offer great pricing for scrap that conforms to the precise grade specifications.


Where can we sell 309 SS?

Always look for scrap yards that offer competitive price. Generally, scrap yards accept stainless steel scrap items category wise and as a lot. The mixed scrap will fetch only lot price. Hence it is recommended to sort out the scrap into specific categories before being taken to the scrap yard for selling.


Want to sell large quantities of 309 SS?

If you have bulk quantities of 309 SS scrap, you can always bargain for the best market rate. All service scrap metal recycling centers often offer special price for bulk volumes of scrap. Search in internet to receive online quotes from different buyers. One should remember that requirements of buyers and may vary from time to time. The price of any transaction is a compromise between how much less the seller is willing to accept and how much more the buyer is willing to pay.