Brass utensil Scrap Price

About Brass utensil Scrap

What Is Brass Radiator Scrap?

Brass Radiator Scrap consists of radiators used in automobiles and home heating systems. It should be free of steel and iron at the sides of the material. It must not contain any coolant inside. The brass radiators that are processed in this manner are often called ‘Clean Brass Radiators’. Those with iron or plastic attached to them are called ‘Dirty Brass Radiators’.

The heavy metal content makes Brass Radiators good candidates for recycling. The high metal content also ensures good pricing in yards. Generally, copper and brass were commonly used in radiators of old cars. Modern day automobiles mainly use aluminum for making Radiators, as they are less expensive and lighter in weight when compared with other metals.

Brass Radiator Scrap Price

Clean Brass Radiators will be paid more when compared with the ones that have steel or plastic on their sides. The effort taken to make the Brass Radiator clean will be really worth as scrap yards always pay higher price for it.

Also, make sure that the Brass Radiators are separated from the Aluminum Copper Radiators pulled out of air conditioning units, as the former carries higher price.


Where can we sell Brass Radiator Scrap?

Local scrap yards are the ideal locations to sell your Brass Radiator scrap. The prices offered by the yards depend upon the purity of the material and its weight. One must ensure that the scrap conforms to the requirements laid out by scrap yard, before being taken to their site.


Having bulk quantity of Brass Radiator Scrap with you?

Auto and truck sites generate bulk quantities of Brass Radiator scrap from scrapped vehicles. Most of these sites have permanent arrangement with scrap yards. The scrap yards directly pick bulk quantities from the site, offering the market price agreed upon by the parties. The price is subject to change depending on market fluctuations.