Brass Radiator Ends Scrap Price

About Brass Radiator Ends Scrap

What Is New Zinc Die Cast Scrap?

New Zinc Die Cast Scrap consists of new or unused, clean, zinc base die castings. They must not be plated or painted and must be free from corrosion.

Zinc Die Castings are used in a variety of decorative and functional applications. The strength, hardness and self-lubricating properties make it an ideal choice in manufacture of automobile parts such as gears and pinions. They have excellent physical and mechanical properties.

New Zinc Die Cast Scrap Price

Scrap yards offer higher prices for New Zinc Die Cast Scrap in comparison with Old Zinc Die Cast. It has to be clean and free of contaminants in order to get best price.


Where can we sell New Zinc Die Cast Scrap?

Take the New Zinc Die Cast Scrap to any scrap yard in return for money. Even small traces of impurities may see them classified by yards as general scrap. Ensure that the materials comply with the standards. Also, one could enquire at a number of scrap yards in the locality to ensure best prices.


Have large quantity of New Zinc Die Cast with you?

New Zinc Die Cast Scrap in large quantities is often found in construction sites. Such sites generally tie-up with scrap yards in the region, which in turn provides free on-site storage containers at sites. The scrap yards also arrange for free pickup of the scrap material once the container is full.