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About Brass Cuttings Scrap

What Is Cellular Phone Scrap?

Cellular Phone Scrap consists of old cellular phones with or without batteries. The introduction of newer cell phone models and the inherent tendency of humans to embrace changing technology results in millions of cellular phones being discarded across the world.

Most cell phones contain precious metals and plastics which can be recycled. If disposed in landfill, these materials can lead to air pollution and soil contamination. Moreover, the coating on cell phones is typically made of lead, which also can cause health hazards, if disposed of carefully. In addition, the circuit board on cell phones contains materials including copper, gold, lead and zinc. The presence of a wide range of valuable and hazardous materials makes recycling of cell phones extremely important.

Cellular Phone Scrap Price

The price paid by yards depends on the model and weight of the phones. Usually, you may need anywhere between three to five cellular phones to make a pound of scrap. Some scrap yards require battery to be removed from the Cellular phones to qualify them as electronic scrap. Since all scrap yards don’t require battery to be removed, it is better to check with the location before taking the scrap to them. The removed battery can be scrapped separately.


Where can we sell Cellular Phone Scrap?

Most scrap yards that buy electronic waste like computers, motherboards, laptops, hard drives will take old cellular phones as scrap for cash. Cellular phone doesn’t contain large quantities of precious metals in them. However, the presence of gold, silver, platinum, lithium ions and other scrap materials, though in minute quantities, makes them precious. As per UN report on electronic waste, approximately 1 gram of gold can be obtained by recycling 41 cellular phones.


Are you having large quantities of Cellular Phone Scrap?

Scrap yards may be willing to pay you more when you have large quantities of Cellular Phone Scrap. Bulk quantities may also be accepted by smelters and refiners. However, they do have minimum load requirements. In general, scrap yards that accept electronic scrap are the best place to scrap your Cellular Phone Scrap.