Aluminum Profile Scrap Price

About Aluminum Profile Scrap

What Is Zorba 90% NF Scrap?

Zorba 90% NF comprises of Shredded Non Ferrous scrap that are predominantly aluminum. It can contain a combination of various non ferrous metals including aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, stainless steel, nickel, tin or zinc in elemental or alloyed form.

It must not contain free iron or large iron attachments and must also be free of radioactive material, dross or ash. The material under Zorba scrap will be followed by a number to denote the estimated content of non ferrous metal in it. Zorba 90% NF Aluminum scrap refers to Zorba scrap containing approximately 90% of non ferrous aluminum content.

Zorba 90% NF Scrap Price

The existing market price of Zorba scrap may be obtained from nearby scrap yards. The price depends on the richness of the metal content in it.

It is not easy to separate out the various non ferrous metal components in Zorba using traditional manual sorting methods. The Scrap yards often employ mechanical eddy current sorters to sort Zorba into Twitch-a product rich in aluminum. Twitch, which has higher aluminum concentration, will have more value than aluminum sold as Zorba. The sensor-based sorting techniques also help to recover other metals that are present in the mixed scrap, however small the quantity may be.


Where can we sell Zorba 90% NF Scrap?

Almost all scrap yards are safe drop off points for Zorba scrap. These scrap yards which receive mixed Zorba scrap often sorts and separates out them into various categories so as to increase the value of their Zorba. Often, separation of Zorba into new commodities leads to higher revenue for scrap yards.


Having bulk quantity of Zorba 90% NF Scrap with you?

The mixed Zorba scrap is one of the most valuable scrap categories, mainly on account of high prices attached to individual non-ferrous metal scrap items.