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About Aluminum ingots Scrap

What Are Painted Sidings?

Painted Sidings consist of clean, low copper aluminum siding painted on one or two sides. They must be free of plastic coating, iron, dirt, corrosion, fiber, foam, fiberglass backing or other non-metallic items. Moreover, they must be free of insulation materials.

Painted Sidings Price

Painted Sidings are often found in window frames and aluminum sidings. Removing foam or insulation on the siding, if any, will give better prices. Also, ensure that steel nails, if present are removed before taking the Painted Siding scrap to the yard. Scrap yards normally downgrade sidings with thick paint on it or those containing other foreign material. Obviously, painted sidings will be priced much below clean aluminum.


Where can we sell Painted Sidings?

Scrap yards generally accept painted sidings in any condition. However, clean ones fetch the best price. Also, the price paid by various scrap yards may differ. Call a few nearby scrap yards to get to have a clear idea about prices offered by them. These yards can also advise you on how to prepare the scrap for maximum returns out of it.


Have bulk quantity of Painted Sidings with you?

Large quantities of Painted Sidings scrap are often found in construction sites and demolition sites. Nowadays, bulk scrap trade happens over the Internet. This allows for direct negotiation of prices among potential buyers and sellers. Local scrap yards may also be willing to offer on-site pickup arrangements.