65 Brass Clippings Scrap Price

About 65 Brass Clippings Scrap

What Is Romex Wires Scrap?

Romex Wires are non-metallic wires that are commonly used for electrical wiring in homes. Romex consists of one or more copper wires, a neutral conductor and a ground wire. The copper wires are individually insulated and the entire bundle of wires is sheathed in a plastic coating. The Romex Wire comes in various color variations, depending on the gauge number and wire thickness.

Romex Wires Scrap Price

The Romex Wire can be stripped to take apart copper wire. However, it really is a tedious task to get the copper wire separated as you need to remove two layers of insulation. Though this can be done with simple tools like razor blade and player, it takes much time and effort. Further, stripping may cause damage to copper inside, which in turn may impact pricing.


Where can you sell Romex Wires scrap?

Romex wires and other housewires are one of the most commonly traded items at local scrap yards due to the presence of copper wires inside.


Having large quantities of Romex Wires Scrap?

Romex wires in bulk quantities are often generated by renovations and repairs to existing buildings, as it has been the most common type of wire used in residential applications.